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  • 2023-10-09
  • saikang
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Recently, the Business Matchmaking and Exchange Meeting for Seminar on Medical Equipment and Technical Cooperation for Developing Countries was held in Beijing on September 24th.
The conference brought together 37 government officials and representatives from 12 countries including Brazil, Jamaica, and Senegal, focusing on "Application Practice Sharing of Seminar on Medical Equipment and Technical Cooperation".

As a leader in Chinese medical equipment, SAIKANG is honored to be invited to participate in this event. Bessie Wang, the Sales Director at SAIKANG, delivered an excellent speech entitled "Medical Furniture Solution Transformation for Post-pandemic Healthcare".
She pointed out that the pandemic should be seen as a global experience, reminding us to actively prevent sudden health emergencies and strengthen our response to global public health events.

Following that, Bessie delved into the transformation of medical furniture solutions after the pandemic and put forward targeted solutions.
Using SAIKANG as an example, she highlighted the challenges faced by the company in developing and producing medical equipment and technology in recent years during the pandemic, and shared how these challenges were overcome through innovative thinking.
Putting emphasis on "Infection Control Measures" and "Digital Health Integration", SAIKANG has launched a series of products and services based on the transformation of medical furniture in the post-pandemic era.
These products include V8v Electric Hospital Bed, A99-7 Multi-Functional Electric Obstetric Bed, A302 Electric Operating Table, reception desk, waiting chairs, digital integrated system, etc. These products can effectively enhance the patient's experience and reduce the risk of direct or indirect infections.
As for Digital Health integration, it is a growing trend that enables remote monitoring, data-driven decision making, streamlined workflows, and preventive and predictive healthcare. SAIKANG’s latest innovation is a column-supported ICU hospital bed with a monitor system that includes a visual feedback system and a smart hospital bed system for vital signs monitoring and camera monitoring. This system can effectively apply remote control to the healthcare system.
At the same time, Bessie shared the valuable experiences that SAIKANG gained during the pandemic. Through timely and efficient optimization and improvement, SAIKANG has developed a comprehensive medical solution path. These efforts have increased efficiency and gained unanimous recognition from domestic and international customers.

Finally, Bessie emphasized the ongoing medical revolution worldwide, aimed at the well-being of humanity, and expressed SAIKANG's active response and participation in this revolution.
She said, "I firmly believe that efficient communication is crucial for our medical industry to innovate in the right direction. Let us wait and see a hopeful future where the global medical community embraces it through our collective efforts!"
For this reason, SAIKANG will continue to explore innovative solutions and strive to create products and services that are more intelligent, user-friendly, safe, reliable, and competitive.
We firmly believe that effective communication is essential for us medical industry to innovate together towards a right orientation. Let's wait, to see the worldwide healthcare system embracing a promising future with all of our combined efforts.


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