Table gynécologique

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Important quality control
* All the functions are controlled by hand controller.
* The pedal controls the brake function of the casters.
* Electric control the height lifting, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, back plate folding up, easy and convenient operation.

Technical parameters
External (LxW) 1800x600mm
Table height 700-950mm
Back plate up folding 0-60°
Reverse Trendelenburg 0-25°
Trendelenburg 0-16°
Load bearing ≤150kg

Technical configuration
Arm support 2pcs
Handle 2pcs
Leg support 2pcs
Stirrup 2pcs
Slider  4pcs
Tightener 2pcs
Hand controller 1pc
Foot switch 1pc
Stainless steel basin 1pc
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